Shipping to Switzerland

Shipping to Switzerland

Important information for our customers from Switzerland

As a customer from Switzerland, you have two options for delivery with us:

  1. You can have the items delivered to a German address.

    When importing into Switzerland, you can have the German VAT refunded. All you have to do is have the export and customer certificate for sales tax purposes for non-commercial travel (Section 6 (3a) UStG) acknowledged and send us a copy by email. You will then be reimbursed for the VAT.

  2. The items are delivered directly to Switzerland.

    - In this case, the German VAT (currently 19%) does not apply from the beginning.

    - Invoicing is net without adding VAT.

    - The purchase is processed in Swiss francs.

    - Prices are rounded up based on the current exchange rate from Euro to Swiss Francs.

    - Customs duties and import taxes (customs duties around 4% and import taxes between 3% and 8%) may apply to the final price. The final price is the price including shipping costs. For example, if you buy goods worth CHF 100 with shipping costs of CHF 16, the final price is CHF 116. The fees of around 21 CHF then apply to this. You will receive a payment confirmation from DHL as proof.

    If you are unsure, we recommend that you check with customs or tax authorities for details before ordering.
    (Since you are spared the German VAT, you still save.)
Note on import tax exemption:
Some goods are exempt from import tax. This applies in particular to the import of items in small quantities, of low value or with a small amount of tax, certain works of art, certain duty-free goods or items that are declared tax-free by international treaties. The items to which this regulation applies are listed in Article 53 of the Value Added Tax Act (VAT Act) .