Climate-neutral shipping costs extra

Climate-neutral shipping

In recent years, climate change has led to increased awareness of environmental issues worldwide. As a result, many companies are striving to reduce their CO2 emissions and take climate-neutral measures. One of these measures concerns the shipping of goods, which, however, involves additional costs.

Climate-neutral shipping refers to offsetting the CO2 emissions caused by the delivery of goods. This can be achieved by investing in greenhouse gas reduction projects or by purchasing carbon credits. Although this undoubtedly has a positive impact on the environment, the cost to businesses is not negligible.

First, carbon-neutral shipping requires additional investment in environmentally friendly technologies and infrastructure. Companies need to invest in more efficient vehicles, alternative fuels or even electric vehicles to reduce their CO2 emissions. These investments are often expensive and require long-term planning, resulting in higher shipping costs.

Secondly, the costs of climate-neutral shipping can also increase due to the purchase of CO2 certificates. These certificates allow companies to offset their own emissions by investing in projects that save CO2. However, purchasing such certificates involves costs.

As a small company, we have limited financial resources and cannot afford to invest in environmentally friendly technologies. This results in us having to cover higher shipping costs to offset CO2 emissions.

It is therefore crucial that you as a consumer recognize the importance of climate-neutral shipping and are prepared to bear the associated costs in order to make a sustainable contribution to protecting our environment.