Disposal Note


Consumer information on the disposal of old devices:
In general, please note that electrical and electronic devices must not be disposed of with household waste. Old devices can be handed in free of charge to suitable collection points, where they will be professionally collected, disposed of or prepared for reuse. This is necessary because some old devices contain pollutants that can harm the environment and human health. Furthermore, raw materials contained in this way can be reused, which in turn helps protect the environment.

Information for consumers in Germany:
The return is required by law.

Return options for consumers in Germany:
Owners of old devices can hand them in free of charge within the scope of the options set up and available by public waste disposal authorities for returning or collecting old devices to ensure that the old devices are properly disposed of. In addition, returns are also possible from distributors under certain conditions (see below). You can view an online directory of collection and return points using the following link:

www.take-e-back.de .

garbage can Electrical devices marked with the symbol below (crossed-out garbage can) must not be disposed of with household waste!

Removal of batteries and lamps:
If the products contain batteries and accumulators or lamps that can be removed from the old device without being destroyed, these must be removed before disposal and disposed of separately as batteries or lamps.

Further information on battery disposal can be found here:

Old devices, old accumulators or batteries can be handed in free of charge at suitable collection points. These are professionally collected there or prepared for reuse. Old devices, old accumulators or batteries can contain pollutants that can harm the environment and human health. The raw materials contained can make a contribution to environmental protection by recycling them. If the battery contains lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd) or mercury (Hg), the battery is
marked accordingly.

Take-back of old devices by dealers in Germany
According to German ElektroG § 17 paragraphs 1 and 2, the following distributors are obliged to take back old devices free of charge:

1. Specialist electrical stores with a sales area for electrical and electronic equipment of at least 400 square meters.
2. Grocery stores with a total sales area of ​​at least 800 square meters that offer electrical and electronic equipment several times a year or permanently and make them available on the market.
3. Mail order business, whereby the obligation to take back 1:1 in private households only applies to heat exchangers (refrigerators or freezers, air conditioning devices, screen devices and large appliances, etc.).
For 1:1 returns of lamps, small appliances and small IT and telecommunications devices as well as 0:1 returns, mail order companies must provide return options within a reasonable distance from the end consumer.

These distributors are obliged

1. when a new electrical or electronic device is handed over to an end user, to take back free of charge an old device belonging to the end user of the same type of device, which essentially fulfills the same functions as the new device, at the place of delivery or in the immediate vicinity thereof and
2. at the end user's request, to take back old devices that are not larger than 25 centimeters in any external dimension free of charge in a retail store or in the immediate vicinity; The return may not be linked to the purchase of an electrical or electronic device and is limited to three old devices per device type.

Information obligations in Germany:
We are legally obliged to provide information about the current status of meeting the quantitative targets regarding collection and recycling quotas.

This is published by the German federal government as follows:

Personal data in general:
The deletion of personal data on the old devices to be disposed of must be carried out by the end user on their own responsibility.

Return options for consumers in Germany:
You can find further information at www.take-e-back.de