Coupon and multi discount


We would like to point out that when redeeming different types of discounts at the same time
(coupon code and multi discount)
there may be deviations in the amount of the discount.

This is due to technical issues in the shop system.

A coupon code* always takes precedence over a multi-discount**.

* A number letter combination
** Purchase of multiple items of the same product

Basically, a redeemed coupon is discounted accordingly.

These technical conflicts only arise in conjunction with multi-discounts, which we grant on certain products.

In practice it looks like this:
One or more items without a multi-discount always receive the discount of the coupon code on the retail price. For example, if the coupon has a value of 5%, the 5% discount on the final price will be granted accordingly.

However, if you buy an item with a multi-discount, for example if you buy 3 or more items with 10%, you will receive the 10% on this item.
However, if you also redeem a coupon code in the payment mode, the multi-discount expires and the coupon code has priority.
This can have an unfavorable effect on your discount.

For example:
The multi discount is 10% but the coupon code only 7%, then 3% would be given away because the coupon code has priority.

We therefore strongly recommend that you do not redeem an additional coupon code when purchasing an item with a multi-discount.

Always redeem coupon codes separately.

After all, we want you, the customer, to achieve the best price advantage.

The shop system always shows you the final price during the payment process.
So you can always decide for yourself what is best for you in terms of price.

As soon as there is a technical solution for this, we will report about it.